16th to 18th Nov’18 – Nikoi Islands / Wrecks of Indonesia

PADI Scuba Diving Courses – We dived at Nikoi Island and Batam last weekend with another full board.  Open Water, Advanced Open Water students and leisure divers. Mother nature has been kind to us. Despite threatening dark clouds, the storm didn’t come to us except for slight drizzles. Which allowed everyone to enjoy their dives nonetheless. Loads of fantastic time networking with fun-loving divers, great food and awesome diving. As we explored both the Sarawak Maru Wreck and Codd Wreck. Lots of great spotting as always… Turtles, blue-spotted rays, moray eels, octopus, cuttlefish and not forgetting a giant grouper we found at the Codd Wreck!

PADI Scuba Diving Courses – Congratulations to all the Open Water and Advanced Open Water students who were certified!

The monsoon season may be near but we are one of the few dive operators in Singapore who never close shop! Our dive sites are very well-sheltered from the monsoon and definitely still safe to dive during the monsoon.

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