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Training Courses – General Terms & Conditions

All GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training courses are to be completed within six (6) months from the enrolment date. Deferment or extension of validity period will not be granted for any GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training course regardless of medical or personal reasons. No refund in full or in part will be given upon expiry of the validity period. To continue with the scuba program, the prevailing published rate for the scuba program will apply.

GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. does not take responsibility for any injuries, loss of personal belongings or death arising from the enrolmentof any GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training course. By signing an appropriate medical statement upon enrolment of any GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training courses, participants are assumed to be in either a healthy condition or certified to dive by a licensed physician. Please click here for details of a Singapore dive doctor.

Participants should arrange to purchase their own travel insurance coverage while undertaking a GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training course and will be covered by diving insurance with GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd whilst on the course.

Participants are to complete all certification requirements for the GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training course they have enrolled in within six (6) months. Failing which, participants will be required to redo either part of or the full scuba program or to participate in a scuba review program as determined by GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. Participants will bear the charges of the separate GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training course at prevailing rates. Failure to participate in the program as determined by GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. or failure to pay the charges for the separate training program will result in non-certification regardless if participants have met the course requirements.

Training Courses – Payment & Cancellation Charges

Full payment must be made upon registration in any GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. training course and prior to receiving any training materials and prior to commencement of any theory, practical or pool sessions.

If a student cancels prior to commencing a course for any reason (medical or otherwise) and if the training material has been unopened and unused, a full refund of the course fee will be given upon return of the said material, less a SGD $100 administration fee.

If the training material has been opened and or used, a refund will be issued less the cost of the training material, less a SGD $100 administration fee.

If a student cancels the training course after theory and pool sessions have been completed but prior to the open water dives in the ocean, a refund will not be issued.

If a student has purchased a course with the trip (ocean dives) price included and cancelled the course or the trip within forty five days (45) days, the cost of the trip will not be refunded unless a replacement can be found.  Less than thirty days (30) days no refund.

Promotional course prices are NOT refundable. Cancellation within sixty days (60) days no refund. For postponement of trip less than thirty days (30) days, there will be a SGD $100 administration fee.

Training Courses – Additional Charges

The number of training sessions (pool and open water) allocated are based on the course fees charged. Should participants fail to complete the skills within the allocated sessions regardless of medical or personal reasons and additional training sessions are necessary, the participants are required to pay a fee of SGD $120 per additional session.

Dive Trip – Travel Policies

In the event of currency fluctuations, increases in airfares, resort/hotel rates, etc., prices for dive travel packages are subject to change without prior notification. No surcharge will be levied if full payment had been made prior to price revision (if any) except where government taxes (local GST, marine park fees, fuel surcharge etc) are introduced or increased.

Dive Trip – Payment and Cancellation Charges

For Singapore diving. You must book and pay online or bank transfer to receive a confirmed booking.  If you do not show up for the trip due to what ever reason on the day of diving itself, there is no refund or re-booking.  If you cancel within seventy two hours (72) hours prior to the trip, there is no refund unless a replacement diver can be found and they book and pay.  There is admin fee of SGD25.

For Seaborne trips. You must book and pay online or bank transfer to receive a confirmed booking.  If you cancel within 30 days, no refund can be given unless a replacement diver can be found.  No refund in full or in part, exchange or fee adjustment will be made in respect of accommodation, meals, dives, transportation, equipment or any other services outlined in the dive travel package which are not utilised.  If GS-DIVING finds a replacement booking for you, a refund will be issued.  The value of this refund will be determined on the price of re-selling the cancelled position less an administration fee of SGD100. Please note that customers purchasing a cancelled position usually look for a “last minute cancellation discount” from the original booking value.

GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. does not take responsibility or provide refunds for inclement weather & current conditions, poor visibility, acts of nature, airline strikes, technical transport problems, wars, virus epidemics in the region or any unforeseen circumstances. However, under Singapore Company Law and the Singapore Travel Agents Act, in the event a trip is cancelled by GS-DIVING Pte.Ltd onboard The Seaborne (live on board) or Local DiveSingapore Boat, due to insufficient numbers, a full refund is required to be given to customers.  Customers can also request to reschedule their trip to another weekend, subject to availability.

GS-Diving Pte Ltd does not deduct any fees from refunds given. In addition, the Payment Gateway that operates the GS-Diving Online Booking System, also allows customers the option of requesting a refund from them directly. The Payment Gateway also protects customers in the event of a dispute as well. Details of the Buyer Protection Policy may be found here.

No refund will be entertained for any medical or personal reasons that fall within thirty (30) days for Seaborne trips and seventy two hours (72) hours for Singapore trips prior to dive travel departure, unless a replacement booking is found.  No refunds will also be given for trips that have commenced but was unable to be completed due to unforeseen circumstances mentioned above.

GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd will do everything within its abilities to find a replacement booking, however these can not be guaranteed.

GS-DIVING Pte Ltd does not allow bookings to be transferred to another date, unless a replacement is found.

If a student has purchased a course with the trip (ocean dives) price included and cancelled the course or the trip within forty five days (45) days, the cost of the trip will not be refunded unless a replacement can be found.  Less than thirty days (30) days no refund.

Travel Documents

Participants are to ensure that they have a valid travel visa (if required) and an international passport with a minimum of six (6) months validity from the date of departure. Participants are to bear any additional charges incurred by failing to undertake this responsibility.

Proof of Dive Certification

Upon request, divers are required to show proof of dive certification and experience via means of certification card and/or log book. GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to reject a diver from participation or suggest a refresher course (at the diver’s own expense) if a diver is unable to show proof of dive certification. No refunds will be entertained for divers who are not able to participate in the dive travel program due to failure to produce relevant documentary proof.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is highly recommended in the event of trip cancellations, hospitalisations, medical or baggage losses, etc and is a great way to protect yourself on overseas holidays.

Effective from 15 July 2015 and under the Singapore Tourism Act, all Singapore Travel Agents are required to offer travel insurance to outbound customers, specifically in relation to the insolvency of Travel Agents for trip payments of SGD500 or greater. Please email our appointed agent at [email protected] to buy travel insurance for your trip.

In addition, GS-Diving is also required to record whether you do or do not choose to have travel insurance for overseas trips.

Dive Insurance

Specialised dive insurance is highly recommended in the event of accident or injury whilst scuba diving as a leisure diver on one of our trips.  Please click here for details on obtaining insurance through the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia-Pacific.

Students participating in a training course with GS-DIVING Pte.Ltd. will be covered by such diving insurance during the training course.

Dive Resorts’ / Dive Operators’ – Terms and Conditions

The prevailing terms and conditions of the dive resorts / operators will take precedence over GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. terms and conditions with regards to the specific prior terms in this section.

Equipment Rental Policies

Diving equipment that is provided / rented during a scuba program is provided as an extra service only. GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. is not responsible for any equipment malfunction whilst on training or injuries to hirer. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer to acknowledge that the equipment is in good order prior to accepting the equipment.  GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. endeavours to maintain the equipment in proper condition before providing / renting the equipment.

The hirer will also assume the responsibility to reimburse GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. for any equipment that is lost or damaged whilst under the care of the hirer.

Personal Data Protection Act

Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), it is mandatory to recognise both the rights of individuals to protect their personal data, including rights of access and correction, and the needs of organisations to collect, use or disclose personal data for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

For this clause, customers are deemed to have agreed to be included in our mailing list once they have signed up an online account with GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. for booking of courses and diving trips.  We endeavour to only send out a weekly email for trip updates and promotions.  Customers can choose to opt out of the mailing list at any moment.

GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. takes a consistent effort to shoot photos and videos of divers and students during every trip for marketing purposes and for sharing with customers.  By consenting for photos and videos to be taken by our photographer during the trip, customers are deemed to allow their photos & videos to be shared on our social media platforms and collaterals and used for other marketing purposes.  Should there be a concern on the use of their photos and videos for marketing purposes, customers may inform us in advance during the trip.

Rights To Change

GS-DIVING Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to change, alter and / or delete these terms and conditions as well as any program outlines without prior notification.

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